High performance building products

To make successful buildings, sometimes it takes unique products. Heliocentric Products Group provides hard to find solar products to its customers at affordable prices that make passive solar and renewable projects possible.

Ultra-Efficient Windows
Windows are the cornerstone of passive solar design, and selecting appropriate windows is critical to success. Unfortunately few windows meet passive solar requirements. Heliocentric teamed up with SeriousWindows to bring high performance passive solar windows to green builders, architects, and homeowners.

  • R5 to R21 – up to 5X more insulating than EnergyStar®
  • Optimized passive solar performance
  • Custom tuning: morning warmth/afternoon coolness
  • Argon, Krypton & Xenon gas fill to any altitude
fiberglass windows

phase change wax

Phase Change Materials
We offer phase change materials that provide light weight heat storage for buildings with 100 times the effectiveness of traditional thermal mass. PCMs provide the freedom to add thermal mass anywhere, even when traditional heavyweight solutions would be impractical.

  • Phase change veneer plasters
  • Bulk material or micro-encapsulated
  • Effective thermal mass without direct sun exposure
  • Thermal mass without costly structural upgrades
  • Renewable vegetable-based phase change waxes

Renewable Energy & HVAC Equipment
Heliocentric can supply renewable energy system equipment and unique HVAC solutions that are engineered for passive solar and energy efficient homes.

  • Photovoltaics, inverters & renewable energy equipment
  • Engineered “green” heating & cooling systems
  • High efficiency heat recovery ventilation systems
  • Passivhaus compact systems
solar and HVAC products

bringing science to green building