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High Performance windows from r-5 to R-21


  • R5 to R21 — up to 525% more insulation than EnergyStar®
  • High gain options: optimized passive solar performance
  • Custom tuning: Morning warmth/afternoon coolness
  • Insulating Argon, Krypton or Xenon fill to ANY altitude
  • Efficient soy-foam insulated fiberglass frames
  • UV fade protection – 50 times better than Low-E
  • High condensation resistance – 40°F better than Low-E
  • Outstanding acoustic performance – 56% better than Low-E
  • Lifetime warranty

SeriousWindows combines low-Emissivity coated films suspended in the air space of an insulating glass unit, in combination with a engineered selection of glass. The results window with multiple air spaces, with the look and weight of double-pane glass and with far superior insulating and shading performance. There are nine different Heat Mirror coatings, providing a wide range of insulation and solar control performance options to fit the energy and aesthetic demands of any building.

Serious windows 725 series Serious windows 925 series Serious Windows 1125 Series


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