Building science and architectural engineering support

We are dedicated to helping architects, builders and owners create wonderful human-centered and environmentally appropriate spaces that are durable and constructible. Our background in engineering sets us apart from many green consultants, giving us a firm grasp on the scientific principles that govern environmental design.

Architectural & Building Science Support
Heliocentric's energy engineering often introduces new approaches to building elements of the project. We back up our energy work with building science to insure the project is done right, so the building is efficient, comfortable, and durable.

  • Best practice building science support
  • Environmental sustainability and life cycle studies
  • Building materials consulting
  • Design reviews and charrettes
building science analysis

blower door

Energy Audits & Building Diagnostics
Heliocentric provides comprehensive building diagnostic services and energy audits. After construction we ensure your building meets the design specifications, and quantitatively provide air sealing. In remodels, we use diagnostics in conjunction with simulation to create an energy remediation plan.

  • Building performance forensics
  • Energy audits and building diagnostics
  • Blower-door guided air sealing and efficiency retrofits
  • EnergyStar™ and tax credit certification
  • LEED building commissioning

Building Assembly Design
By balancing the needs of architectural, climate, materials, labor costs, durability and energy – Heliocentric designs building assemblies that work.

  • Energy appropriate construction details
  • Energy efficient building assembly design
  • Construction consulting and support
  • Building inspector liaison
  • Hygrothermal simulation
wall cross section

SIPs structural consulting

SIPs Design Consulting
With Heliocentric's expertise in SIPs construction can help you with you with panel layout, engineering and design details.

  • SIPs construction details for high efficiency
  • Panel layout and layout reviews
  • Structural engineering design reviews
  • Builder construction support

bringing science to green building